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The Lord of the Rings: Complete Songs and Poems

In 1995 Caspar Reiff founded The Tolkien Ensemble.

And that year, Caspar, a classical guitarist who studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, and his like-minded musical colleague and co-composer Peter Hall along with the Tolkien Ensemble began what proved to be an all consuming task, to set to music all 70 poems from J.R.R. Tolkien's
The Lord Of The Rings. Ten years, 150 musicians, 14 soloists, 4 recordings, and one complete re-mastering session later, Caspar & Company can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their many labours.

Lord Of The Rings: The Musical

Hi, Everybody!

Well I did my little there and back again journey to Toronto, and I’m happy to say that the weekend was a LOT of fun. I saw the LOTR musical twice, Friday night and again Saturday afternoon, and I am really glad I did. It was WONDERFUL!!! I kid you not. On Friday night I was amazed and all caught up in the theatrical stage wizardry on display, but on Saturday I just sat back and enjoyed the whole experience. The 3 plus hours seemed to fly by.

The Starlit Jewel: Life In Middle Earth Before PJ & Company

If your first experience with The Lord Of The Rings was through Peter Jackson's three movies, you might be surprised to discover that there was quite a bit of Middle Earth activity going on in the several decades before the films.

For example, The Starlit Jewel was originally a cassette tape released in the mid 90’s, but 7 of the songs were actually written years earlier by Marion Zimmer Bradley of “
Mists Of Avalon” fame. In 1969 she set 7 of J.R.R. Tolkien's poems to music, a collection of songs that she called The Rivendell Suite. Read More...

The Lord Of The Rings Musical

Time Magazine

“A breathtaking theatrical adaptation, directed, designed and choreographed, produced with searing attention to detail. I was completely transported, not just by the story but also by the way 21st-century stage know-how melded with old fashioned stagecraft”

Niggle's Adventure

Last fall when I bought my new 60gig iPod (Fatty Lumpkin) I was very concerned about finding a good home for my old friend Niggle, an original generation 10gig iPod who had been my constant companion of nearly two years. Niggle deserved better than to be shelved somewhere, but since he was one of the very early iPods he needed to go to an Apple friendly home. iTunes and iPods didn't start playing nicely with Windows PC's until a year or so after Niggle arrived.

After a little thought I realized I had the perfect person, my friend Doug out in Mt. Shasta. Doug not too long ago started working with Apple's at home, and Doug and I have a really strong bond over music to boot. We attended many a Bumbershoot Festival together in Seattle when we were both happy residents of The Great North Wett.

So, with no more worries I bundled up Niggle, and off he went to California.

Doug, upon receiving his new friend, immediately took Niggle off on a hiking adventure up into the mountains. Now at the time, I think I had told Doug that Niggle's namesake was a character from Tolkien's short story "Leaf By Niggle", but he had never read the story himself. Yet, with that natural aptitude that Doug has for doing the right thing, off they went to the mountains. If any of you ever get a chance to read "Leaf By Niggle" you will understand just how right that was.

A week or so later, Doug sent me this link.
Niggle's Adventure. Happy