Stories For A Friend

My Heart's in the Highlands

ScotSkye012 copy
It's a rainy, grey day here in Salem, so no yard work for me today. I've been drinking some coffee though, and thinking about how things sometimes work out over the years. You know, Cuz, I have been a nut for things Celtic since I was a teenager. My book & music collections have always had a large vein of Celtic running through them and once I was out of my Dad's house and living on my own, wherever I lived (I moved around a lot) I would dash off to Celtic festivals every chance I got…


Christmas Is Coming

Stella Nuova
Angelus Ad Virginem
Edi Be Thu Hevenqueene

Season's greetings, my friend! Yes, Christmas is coming, and I'm always a happy camper at this time of year. I rede you beware. LOL! It's a fine frosty December morning here. There's a cold grey sky and light wisps of snow fluttering about on the wind, a perfect day to revel in the holiday spirit. I have my hot cup of coffee and the fireplace lit, two cats snoozing on the bed behind me, and some lovely Christmas music from Days Of Yore to help spin the holiday spell. A perfect Saturday morning. The only thing we're missing here is you. Read More...

Apple Pie

Okay, my friend, I told you I had an apple pie story for you.

Well, when I was 17 and a junior in high school my Dad sold the house my sister and I had grown up in. She was away to college, and Dad and I moved out into a little cracker box of a house in the country that we rented. We really liked that little country house. But Dad knew that once I graduated he was going to leave our hometown for good because it was just too small a place for him to put his life back together after all that the family had been through.

A Good Cup Of Coffee In Mt. Shasta

The coffee is good. It's strong, and it's hot, and the aroma of it fills the air at the small table by the window. Warmth. Comfort. Shelter from the storm. All very good things in Life. Things to embrace and enjoy whenever you are lucky enough to come across them. Living can be tough enough on a day to day basis. No need to make it any harder than it needs to be.

Outside the big window the wind blows the rain sideways. The town's streets are empty except for the occasional truck stopping at the light, windshield wipers going, waiting for the light to change green to go. It's cold and raw for a late summer day. Read More...

Hello, It's Me

It’s been some time since I’ve actually sat down to write something other than a short comment or pithy summary of some play, movie, or some such thing. I used to write all the time. I'd write letters and keep a journal. I'd write sometimes just to sort through my own thoughts and see where they would lead me. That was a good thing. Read More...