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Upcoming Shows And Performances - My Other Career?

This is good for a chuckle. I've been messing around some here now after a long hiatus, and so for grins I did some googling just to see if Little Delving even registered out there in Cyber Land anymore, and dang if I didn't learn something new about myself. Turns out, I have a music career. Cool.

The Law Bug: Herbie Cracks The Whip in Tennessee

License And Registration … Stop Laughing
'Bug-erceptor' gets more attention than respect for deputy

It's hard to say how much intercepting the Blount County Sheriff's Office's 1973 Volkswagen Beetle cruiser is capable of doing, but it's got the emblem, anyway. It says "Police Interceptor," but in truth the intimidation quotient of veteran law enforcer Archie Garner's cruiser isn't very high. It has all the right markings, decals and required equipment, but it just doesn't look like the rest of the Blount County Sheriff's Office fleet. Read More...

Keep It Simple

In the interest of saving all of us a little time, here's something from Bruce Feirstein of Vanity Fair, the All-Purpose Public MEA CULPA. I don't know about you, but I think it looks pretty darn useful. Now I don't have to lose anymore sleep being concerned about all those badly behaved celebrities out there. Good night!


New Year's Revelers Come to Chicago From Far and Wide

In The Sky! A Bird? A Plane? A ... UFO?

United Airlines denies its workers filed reports about saucerlike object hovering at O'Hare

It sounds like a tired joke--but a group of airline employees insist they are in earnest, and they are upset that neither their bosses nor the government will take them seriously.

A flying saucerlike object hovered low over O'Hare International Airport for several minutes before bolting through thick clouds with such intense energy that it left an eerie hole in overcast skies, said some United Airlines employees who observed the phenomenon.

The Russians Are Coming!

Could it be? The Greatest Show On Earth???

The Moscow Cats Theatre is coming to town, and I think this one I will have to see for myself. It boggles the mind! I've added some feline follies pictures in their own little gallery.
It sure looks like a lot of fun. Happy


Those Crafty Old Greeks

A Device Light-Years Ahead Of Its Time
11/30/2006 USA TODAY
By Dan Vergano

The "Anti-kythera Mechanism," an ancient Greek astronomical calculator dating to about 100 B.C., possessed a technical sophistication centuries ahead of its time, an international research team reports. "The actual design is superb, almost jaw-dropping," says study leader Mike Edmunds of the United Kingdom's Cardiff University.

Cyber Bard?

Professor Funded For Virtual Shakespeare World
By Adam Pasick

LONDON, October 19 (Reuters Life!) - Indiana University Professor Edward Castronova has made a name for himself as an economist who studies virtual worlds. Now he's been awarded a US$240,000 grant to create one himself, based on the world of William Shakespeare.

"What we plan to do is have people encounter the texts in Shakespeare and ideas in the text at many points within a really fun, multiplayer game, so without even knowing it, they gradually are learning more about the bard's work," said Castronova, author of
"Synthetic Worlds: The Business and Culture of Online Games." Read More...

It's All Relative

It's always good to keep things in perspective. Here's a little cosmic comparison to consider. Read More...

The Ladybugs Picnic

From my sister. Happy Because somedays counting to twelve is just one or two numbers too many to remember!

The Ladybugs Picnic.

Word Play. Way Too Much Fun!

Washington Post Mensa Invitational

More (or another) from the web legend Washington Post Mensa Invitational, where you are asked to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing of one letter, and supply a new definition.

1. Cashtration (n.): The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period.

Juilliard's Newest Musical Treasure

Juilliard Given "Priceless" Music Manuscripts

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York's Juilliard school unveiled a treasure trove of music manuscripts on Tuesday given by a collector determined to seek out the original papers scribbled and annotated by the likes of Beethoven, Mozart and Bach.

A highlight of the collection donated to Juilliard, considered one of world's leading music schools, by its board Chairman Bruce Kovner is the manuscript prepared for the printer of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9. The manuscript had been kept for 180 years in the vault of the publisher.

Sick Of Hearing About Harvard?

I ran across this article recently and found it interesting.

A Flood of Crimson Ink
Sick of hearing about Harvard? So is everyone else -- except Harvard-educated journalists.

Another academic year is drawing to a close, another year in which Harvard has generated vastly more headlines than any other American university. Most of these, of late, have concerned Lawrence Summers, Harvard's president, who famously suggested that there may be a biological explanation for the paucity of female scholars in the hard sciences. (He hasn't stopped apologizing since.) But a single controversy doesn't account for all the interest.

Politics and Cocker Spaniels

Pants On Fire? It's OK With Me
A Few Tips on How and When to Lie Effectively

Garrison Keillor, Tribune Media Services
Published January 18, 2006

It's good to know how to lie, and lie effectively, so you can go backstage after the high school production of "The Crucible" in which your friend's daughter mumbled her lines and stood like a fence post, trying to look horrified and looking drugged instead, and now here she is, fluttery, ashen-faced, perspiring, and you say, "It was fascinating to watch. You were so in the moment, Lindsey. So believable. It really resonated with that audience, there was so much intensity." The truth is that she has no more talent than the average cocker spaniel--but so what? There's no need to face the truth all at once.

Mythic Imagination: Winter Solstice And The Stag

Every other year in June, Mythic Imagination hosts a conference in Atlanta call Mythic Journeys. It's a gathering of various folk from far flung fields such as the performing arts, literature, poetry, psychology, religion, academics, folk studies, and the like who come together to discuss the role that mythology has and still can play in our lives and in our cultures.

They've recently started releasing podcasts on various topics. Here's one I enjoyed immensely. It's about 18 minutes worth of dream time.

Winter Solstice And The Stag

The Shopocalypse Hits Chicago

Found this in today's Tribune....would've been fun to see! Happy

Street Sermons Of Fire And Boycott
Faux Cleric Speaks Loudly About Avoiding Consumerism As He Wields a Big Shtick

Prowling Michigan Avenue like Scrooge with a blond pompadour, Rev. Billy exhorted holiday shoppers to stop shopping, a request that, given the retail-rich surroundings, would've left people little to do Thursday but stand around and be cold. "We are addicted, conflicted, hypnotized and consumerized," he bellowed, with faux-evangelical enthusiasm. "We've got to save Christmas from the shopocalypse!" While few could question this man's fervor, it seemed the only thing the throngs weren't buying was the message the "good reverend" was selling. No matter.