A Dragonslayer From Paris, Texas

What a great story! There's an old joke told in the Arts about a young musician who stops a person on the streets of New York City to ask "Can you telll me please, how do I get to Carnegie Hall?" And the person replies, "Practice, practice, practice." That is the story of Jay Hunter Morris.

Morris grew up in Paris, Texas singing gospel and country western music. It wasn't until later in his life that he discovered opera and was intrigued enough to begin exploring that style of singing. He found a voice instructor who was willing to help start him on the path, and now years later after having served as an understudy for the role, Jay Hunter Morris is starring as Siegried in a production of Wagner's Gotterdammerung, the last opera of
Wagner's 4 opera Ring Cycle, at the New York Metropolitan Opera. It's one of the most demanding roles in the opera world, and the tale of how Jay Hunter Morris found his way to the stage of The Met is worth a listen. So if you have 6 minutes or so to spare, sit back and enjoy this wonderful and charming interview with NPR's Scott Simon and the unassuming dragonslayer from Paris, Texas, Jay Hunter Morris.


Like An Old Friend

Some things just stick with you, you know?

And sometimes old memories of things long past colour your perceptions of the hear and now so much so that the hear and now has a hard time measuring up. I say 'hear and now' because many years ago this recording of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons left an aural mark on me that never faded. This CD is a re-release of an old 1970's era LP that was a pivotal musical experience for me as a young teen, an actual turning point in my life really, and I am beyond thrilled to now have it again in my hands!   Read More...