Mythic Imagination: Winter Solstice And The Stag

Every other year in June, Mythic Imagination hosts a conference in Atlanta call Mythic Journeys. It's a gathering of various folk from far flung fields such as the performing arts, literature, poetry, psychology, religion, academics, folk studies, and the like who come together to discuss the role that mythology has and still can play in our lives and in our cultures.

They've recently started releasing podcasts on various topics. Here's one I enjoyed immensely. It's about 18 minutes worth of dream time.

Winter Solstice And The Stag

More of Winter's Revels

Cambridge, Massachusetts is the head quarters for Revels, a unique group dedicated to preserving a wide variety of folk rituals, dance and music. They put on several performances a year at various times of the year, but the corner stone of the season is always the Christmas Revels, a celebration of community and mystery surrounding the winter solstice and the changing of the seasons. Read More...

John Langstaff, 84; Author, Singer Founded Christmas Revels

I just found out that Jack died of a heart attack while visiting family in Switzerland. George Emlen sent out an email to Revelers past and present. I was so incredibly lucky to have met Jack and to have shared a brief time with him making music and telling stories. He will be missed.

John Langstaff, 84; Author, Singer Founded Christmas Revels
By Scott Alarik, Globe Corespondent
December 14, 2005

It seems strangely like
John Langstaff to leave us at Christmastime. Though he achieved fame as a concert baritone, influential music educator, author, and cultural activist, his life and art always seemed to revolve around the holiday season. Read More...

The Shopocalypse Hits Chicago

Found this in today's Tribune....would've been fun to see! Happy

Street Sermons Of Fire And Boycott
Faux Cleric Speaks Loudly About Avoiding Consumerism As He Wields a Big Shtick

Prowling Michigan Avenue like Scrooge with a blond pompadour, Rev. Billy exhorted holiday shoppers to stop shopping, a request that, given the retail-rich surroundings, would've left people little to do Thursday but stand around and be cold. "We are addicted, conflicted, hypnotized and consumerized," he bellowed, with faux-evangelical enthusiasm. "We've got to save Christmas from the shopocalypse!" While few could question this man's fervor, it seemed the only thing the throngs weren't buying was the message the "good reverend" was selling. No matter.

Greetings and Salutations

Well here's to kicking off a new blog site and hoping I find the time and inclination to keep up with it. Winking

I can make no promises, but rest assured I have the best of intentions! Ah well, we shall see what we shall see...